Weather it’s trimming or complete removal, HIGH PROFILE GROUNDS can complete the job right down to the stump –which we can remove too!  Deep-root tree fertilization service is also available to preserve the natural beauty of these landscape assets which truly add real value to your property.

Deciduous Pruning

A. Deciduous Prune (leaf bearing shrubs up to “72). A general shaping of new growth shall occur once between mid-June and late July. This service is included in the monthly contract price. *See bottom of page for more information.

B. All trimmings shall be blown clear of landscape areas, collected, and properly disposed of.

Coniferous Pruning

A. Evergreen (Coniferous) Shrub Prune. Proper pruning of evergreens involves corrective pruning. This is done by removing dead or diseased canes, and thinning the plants structure. Simply shaping/shearing the outer growth of the shrub will only reduce the thickness of the foliage, as the woody canes will continue to grow outward and thicken. Corrective pruning allows sunlight to penetrate and encourage growth of the needles throughout. Evergreen shrub pruning is billed at hourly rates, plus disposal.

Other Pruning

A. Safety Pruning. HIGH PROFILE will reserve the right to prune, or limb-up, any branches or outgrowths which are below “72 in height and deemed potentially hazardous to residents or employees performing contracted services in close proximity. This service is billed at hourly rates, plus disposal.

B. Corrective Pruning. Mature, oversized shrubs often require a more thorough, structural pruning. This is done by removing large, dead, or diseased canes throughout, and is billed at hourly rates, plus disposal.

C. Rejuvenation pruning is a cutting of the shrub at near ground level to allow fresh new growth, and is billed at hourly rates, plus disposal

High Profile will offer our best recommendations for pruning services which are outside of those included in the contract, and these services will only be performed upon approval of the Owner or Authorized Agent.


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