We understand that your job is becoming more demanding as residents, clients, and tenants expect immediate resolution to their concerns. To use an analogy; as the speed of the internet has increased dramatically from dial-up to broadband, natural expectations are that every industry should be increasing at the same pace too. Though the grounds maintenance industry has introduced faster and more innovative equipment, it still takes the same amount of time to get from point A to point B.

As your single-source grounds maintenance vendor, we at High Profile take it upon us to bridge this gap between expectations and what is realistically feasible.  We believe that valuable time is lost in our industry by companies who, despite performing quality work in the field, cannot keep up with the correspondence needed to give today’s property manager an edge.

We do this by:

  • Immediately seeking to first reduce the number of time-consuming phone calls or complaints directed at YOU through well coordinated and high quality field operations.
  • Regular, independent quality control inspections and reporting.
  • Ensuring that you as a manager have the information necessary to address your client’s concerns as if you had visited the property personally, specifically to inspect the issue at hand. This information includes:
    • Prompt investigation, and resolution to end-user concerns including digital photos for documentation.  Our goal is the same or next business day response.
    • Real-time data entries from field crews, prompt billing, and service logs backed by G.P.S. tracking.
    • Full-time and experienced office staff and dedicated account managers.
    • 24 hour on-call emergency service via our main phone number,


In addition, we offer:

  • Complete coverage of the nine-county Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area, including; Homeowners Associations, Multi-Family, Multi-site/Retail Chain, Commercial, and Medical facilities.
  • Well-marked fleet of over twenty late-model trucks and newer equipment –a professional image reflected on you and your firm.
  • Courteous employees wearing uniforms who are extensively trained in their duties, public relations, and whom are able to communicate with you and your clients as needed.
  • 2 million dollar general liability insurance policy.

Remember, in an industry with low barriers to entry, many start-ups can get an “established image” much easier these days. As we have since 1994, we will continue to innovate, manage, and communicate with you on a higher level than our competitors. Before you risk your reputation, contact High Profile Grounds Maintenance for a service proposal.


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