High Profile Grounds offers a variety of different service agreements to create a comprehensive program which meets the specifications for any property or project. There is only one number to call for all of your grounds maintenance needs in the Greater Minneapolis – St. Paul metro area, and that is 763-434-6596.

Snow & Ice Management

We are your reliable experts in maintaining “zero-tolerance” properties such as medical centers, retail properties, and also townhomes among others. HIGH PROFILE GROUNDS MAINTENANCE provides complete service including plowing, salting, sidewalk shoveling, stacking, and hauling.  With 24 hour monitoring, innovative newer equipment, and the latest industry techniques, we reduce your liability by maintaining the safest possible conditions during severe weather.

lawn maintenance

Lawn Maintenance

Our Spring and Fall clean-up service includes the use of high powered vacuum equipment to remove all debris from your lawn –without mulching it into the turf; and de-thatch raking is standard in the Spring. HIGH PROFILE GROUNDS mowing crews begin by collecting litter and controlling weeds in your landscape areas. Then, they mow your lawn to achieve the best appearance and healthiest turf possible throughout the entire season. Our “checkerboard” cutting technique is sure to create a showcase of your most prominent turf areas.

Emergency & Demolition Services

Minnesota weather can provide quite a variety of unexpected and unwelcome surprises. Rest assured, HIGH PROFILE GROUNDS MAINTENANCE has staff on-call 24 hours per day, 365 days per year to handle your emergency. Whether it’s a one time clean-up of debris left by a thunderstorm, a broken main line on your irrigation system, or a drive that has been buried by the city’s snow plow –we are there. Just call our main line, 763-434-6596. If after our business hours of Monday – Friday 8:00 am- 4:00 pm CST, please choose “option 1”and your call will be forwarded directly to the shift supervisor on duty.

Tree Care Removal

Weather it’s trimming or complete removal, HIGH PROFILE GROUNDS can complete the job right down to the stump –which we can remove too! Deep-root tree fertilization service is also available to preserve the natural beauty of these landscape assets which truly add real value to your property.

For those minimum maintenance areas such as fire lanes, out-lots, and rights-of-way; HIGH PROFILE GROUNDS can use four-wheel drive tractors equipped with brush cutters and handheld trimmers for the detail areas. We can keep these areas under control and within budget by periodic clearings.

landscaping services

Landscape Services

From new construction of large commercial projects to smaller residential work, the possibilities are endless. HIGH PROFILE GROUNDS is equipped to handle retaining walls, paver patios, edging, rock/mulch beds, water features, outdoor lighting, sod, lawn renovation, tree/shrub installation, black dirt/Bobcat work, and more. We can add a fresh touch of color to any property by installing and maintaining beds of annuals.


Service and Installation is provided by experienced technicians. HIGH PROFILE GROUNDS is a licensed low-voltage contractor, and we have a certified RPZ (backflow prevention) technician on staff to ensure that your system is in compliance with State and local ordinances while avoiding scheduling issues that arise when this service is sub-contracted to a licensed plumber, as is a common industry practice. Irrigation-only service programs are available to ensure a properly functioning system from your spring start-up to fall winterization.
weed control

Fertilization & Weed Control

We use only the highest quality, slow-release granular fertilizer beginning with a pre-emergent weed control/fertilizer combination product applied early in the spring to achieve a quick “green up” and reduce the potential for weeds to develop. We follow up with well-timed fertilizer applications to maintain a lush, healthy lawn throughout the season. We practice Integrated Pest Control methods using liquid products to ensure your lawn is weed free while minimizing impact to the environment. We also offer free service calls to address stubborn broad-leaf weeds. Unlike many companies, we guarantee 100% coverage and you will see the results –especially around those detail areas around buildings where complaints often originate.

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