I’m sure the answer is No, but if you were a Bison, Elk, Deer, Cow, or Lamb, YUM! What better way to produce a lean, clean, and quality protein source than placing the animals in a large green grass pasture and telling them to “go for it”? Gage Outdoors has partnered with The Honest Bison to help answer the call for clean meat.

“No matter what you’re craving to eat today, you can count on our meats to be naturally grazed, humanely raised and minimally processed. No fillers. No feedlots. No added hormones. Just food you can trust” says Sean Lenihan, the owner.

“The Honest Bison was founded on one very simple truth: we believe everyone deserves access to food they can trust. When we realized just how hard it was to find unprocessed, humanely raised, quality meats in today’s markets, The Honest Bison was born.”

“We started out with just 100% grassfed bison but have since branched out to include a curated selection of other high-quality meats as well. As we continue to expand, our mission remains the same – to bring trust back into today’s food system.”

Pictured above is a perfectly cooked Bison New York Strip steak.

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bison ranch

See the Honest Bison grazing in a lovely pasture near Cadott, Wisconsin.

The Honest Bison looks for ranch partners who use a holistic approach to grazing. This means that these ranches keep the animals in a grazing environment that is as close to nature as possible. This eliminates the need for fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and other chemically-enhanced farming practices. It also allows the earth to replenish itself naturally, prevents overgrazing and helps keep harmful substances out of our food, land and water sources.

Gage Outdoors embraces the same philosophy of letting animals on their ranches roam the land and be as close to Nature as they can be. If you have been on a hunt with us, had one of our great chefs prepare something you’ve harvested, or you shipped home meat from your hunt, you know how a natural setting provides the best tasting meat you can find. We chose to partner with The Honest Bison because they are transparent in telling you where their food comes from: how it is raised, how it is processed, what’s in it and who is handling it. They follow their meat every step in the process!

The Honest BurgerLike Gage Outdoors, The Honest Bison shows the same respect for our animals, our land and all the partners working to provide this quality meat. Animals are always treated humanely in daily life, during the hunt, or in the harvest/slaughter process. The Honest Bison has a policy of keeping their protein, as clean as possible to allow the natural flavors and nutrients of each animal to remain intact. Any ingredients added to the meat they sell are real, whole foods and are always clearly labeled.

Wouldn’t you just love to bite into this luscious, perfectly grilled Elk burger seen here. The Honest Bison is not just about Bison but offers clean, flavor filled Elk, Venison, Beef, Pork and Lamb too.

Bison happily graze on native grasses all day and are 100% grass fed. Elk and Deer,( Venison), are farm raised but free to forage naturally, eating a combo of leaves, grasses, shrubs, bark and berries.

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When considering what to buy, you might like to try the Ground Sampler to start. Mix up your favorite ground meat recipes with our new Ground Sampler. Each box contains a total of 16 lbs of premium ground meat for the ultimate sampling experience. Save $30 with this Chef Box plus free shipping. Included:

  • 4 packs Ground Bison (1 lb each)
  • 4 packs Ground Elk (1 lb each)
  • 4 packs Ground Beef (1 lb each)
  • 4 packs Ground Pork (1 lb each)
  • Free 1 pack Bison Snack Sticks (4 oz)
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Then order a couple of Bison Filet Mignon, Rib eye steaks, or New York Strip cuts for a restaurant quality tasting experience.

Perfectly portioned cuts of meat, you can check out several recipes by clicking here: www.gageoutdoor.com/special-recipes and look for the Special Recipes section.

Order with The Honest Bison nowTender Juicy Bison Medallions look like they were ordered at the best steak house. Check out how to cook this and other meats on our blog site.

Bison vs. Beef- Bison is leaner and is a healthier choice if you are looking to reduce your fat and calorie intake. Bison is also generally grass fed which is more sustainable and contains a higher percentage of protein per oz. than beef. Bison contains all nine essential amino acids your body needs for growth and maintenance. I should note that all Beef supplied by The Honest Bison is also naturally grass fed and contains these same nine essential amino acids too, superior quality to crowded feedlot raised Beef.

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